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Marko Kurth | Graffiti artist and graphic designer

The art world of Marko Kurth: A journey through graffiti and wall designs

Get to know Marko Kurth, an independent graphic designer and graffiti artist from the lively city of Jena. With a passion for graffiti and mural design, Marko Kurth breathes life into a variety of artistic expressions, from delicate designs to large-scale murals. From the idea to its implementation, he stands for creativity, skill and the power of visual stories.

Graffiti with meaning

Marko Kurth's art transcends traditional boundaries and breathes new life into spaces through the vibrant strokes of his graffiti creations. Whether it's a blank wall calling for a dynamic change or a conceptual design waiting to be born, Marko's expertise spans the entire spectrum of graffiti and wall art.

From idea to reality

What sets Marko Kurth apart is his seamless transition from idea to implementation. He doesn't just create art; he creates visual narratives that are in harmony with the essence of the space and the client's vision. Every stroke is purposeful, every color carefully selected, resulting in bespoke creations that tell stories beyond the surface.

Open to inquiries and collaboration

If you want to enrich your surroundings with an explosion of creativity, Marko Kurth is ready to transform your ideas into captivating visual experiences. Whether it's a personal project, a commercial space or a community initiative, Marko welcomes inquiries and commissions that challenge his artistic abilities.

For inquiries and cooperation opportunities Contact Marko Kurth at INFO@MARKOKURTH.COM or call him or write to him via WhatsApp on 0176 61 03 65 11.

  • E-Mail:
  • WhatsApp: +49 176 6103 6511
  • Website:

Immerse yourself in the world of Marko Kurth

Join us on a journey into the world of Marko Kurth and discover the dynamic interface of graphic design and graffiti art. From the streets of Jena to the canvas of creativity, Marko's work speaks volumes about the transformative power of visual expression. Get ready to be inspired and discover the story behind every mural, every day and every stroke of Marko Kurth's artistic journey.



Tridelta - Hermsdorf

Global artistry: Cultural fusion of the Tridelta Meidensha Group in Hermsdorf

The journey from Hermsdorf spreads to the world stage in 30 languages. The home kiosk's most international commission was also the first to be decorated with original Japanese and Ukrainian handwriting.

The main goal was to create a mural in Tridelta's simple production hall that recognizes the uniqueness of this global team, creates identity and conveys a fresh sense of well-being.

At the same time, we designed team shirts with a modern, cool look that subtly alludes to the elements that represent Tridelta in Hermsdorf: first-class drainage systems. The slogan “We protect you” was transformed into an eye-catcher made up of fine illustrations and bold lettering.

Project overview:

  • Client: Tridelta Meidensha Group
  • Project leaders: Stephan Hilmer, Götz Bader, Caro Bauch
  • Support: Darios Bassé
  • Video editing: Maxim Mathonet
  • Working period: February 24, 2023 – June 23, 2023

A celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the innovative spirit of the Tridelta Meidensha Group. This project not only paints a vivid picture of the company's essence, but also captures the intersection of global collaboration and local identity in Hermsdorf.


Böttcher AG

Blooming creativity: Böttcher AG Jena's mission in the spotlight

A dream order that created a creative atmosphere in the home kiosk is undoubtedly the order from Böttcher AG Jena.

Large floral designs for the lounge area:

The design of the lounge area included large floral designs that were brought to life using spray technology, wall paint and markers. The colors and shapes have been carefully selected to create an inspiring atmosphere.

Letter illustrations and hand lettering for meeting rooms: The meeting rooms were given a special touch through individual letter illustrations and hand lettering. Each room now tells its own story, supported by artistic elements that underline the creativity and professionalism of TEAM BÖTTCHER.

Precise elaboration with a 2 millimeter thin marker:

A 2 millimeter thin marker was used for the final ornaments in TEAM BÖTTCHER. Every detail has been precisely placed to artfully represent the company's corporate identity.

At this point, a big thank you again to Böttcher AG Jena for the fantastic cooperation. We remain proud fans of Team Böttcher and look forward to implementing the next creative ideas.


Asclepion Laser Technologies - Jena

"Company anniversary in a frenzy of color: The Skyline from Jena as a work of art for Asclepion Laser Technologies"

With real slippers and six shades of blue drip sticks, we took on the anniversary order for Asclepion Laser Technologies in Jena. On the occasion of the company's 20th anniversary, we were given the honorable task of making a meaningful city statement in the company's fitness and well-being area.

After an intensive week of work, the impressive one is now presented at six by three meters Skyline Jenas, with the Asclepion company building harmoniously embedded between historical buildings and the city's prominent corporate giants. Our creative tools, including indoor spray cans, acrylic markers, plenty of masking tape and a steady hand for fine lines, have transformed this canvas into a true work of art.

The ceremonial unveiling was accompanied by planks and yoga mats, which underlined the relaxed atmosphere of the fitness and wellness area. We warmly congratulate Asclepion Laser Technologies on its anniversary and thank you for the pleasant cooperation, which was crowned with an excellent coffee flat on top.

Project overview:

  • Client: Asclepion Laser Technologies Jena
  • Project management: Asclepion marketing team
  • Duration of implementation: 1 week
  • Support: Darios Bassé
  • Delivery date: June 12th. 2023

A work of art that not only reflects the history of Asclepion Laser Technologies, but also the artistic diversity and the lively ambience of the city of Jena.



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