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Poster with passe-partout: The art of framing

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    Discover the elegance of posters with mounts at artlia

    Immerse yourself in the world of art and let yourself be enchanted by the sophisticated elegance of posters with mounts at artlia. Our carefully selected artworks are taken to a new level with this artfully designed framing to enrich your living space with style and personality.

    What makes posters with mounts so special?

    What is a passepartout and why is it important?

    A passe-partout is more than just a simple border for your work of art. It serves to emphasize the poster, enhancing its impact while providing a stylish setting. At artlia, we carefully select posters with mounts to ensure that each piece of art is presented optimally.

    How does framing influence the perception of art?

    Proper framing can have a significant impact on the impact of a work of art. Mounted posters create a space between the artwork and the frame, not only highlighting the details but also adding a sophisticated dimension. Our curators at artlia understand the importance of these details and carefully select artworks that benefit from this framing.

    The selection at artlia - variety in design and motifs

    How diverse are the designs of posters with passe-partouts at artlia?

    The selection of posters with mounts at artlia is as diverse as art itself. From abstract masterpieces to classic motifs to botanical beauty, we offer a wide range of designs that appeal to every taste and home style.

    What motifs are available to you?

    Our posters with mounts present an impressive selection of motifs. Whether you prefer the calming landscape, appreciate the vibrant dynamics of boats and ships, or love the clean aesthetic of black and white art, at artlia you will find the perfect poster to decorate your walls.

    Why should you choose posters with mounts?

    What aesthetic added value do posters with mounts offer?

    Mounted posters add an extra dimension to artwork and create a visual focus on the actual artwork. The aesthetic appeal of this framing lies in its ability to highlight the art while providing an elegant setting.

    How does framing influence room design?

    The choice of framing has a significant influence on the room design. Posters with mounts allow you to harmoniously integrate works of art into your interior, while at the same time acting as independent art objects. Our curators at artlia understand the importance of this balance and select artworks that fit seamlessly into different living spaces.

    Quality and presentation - artlia's commitment to excellence

    How does artlia ensure that the quality of its posters with mounts meets the highest standards?

    The quality of our works of art is our top priority at artlia. Our mounted posters are framed with the utmost precision and care to ensure every detail is showcased. We work with top printing and framing partners to ensure your artwork is presented in the best possible quality.

    How can you be sure that your matted poster will meet expectations?

    We understand that purchasing art is a personal decision. At artlia we offer you the opportunity to experience your selected poster with passepartout in advance. Our virtual preview allows you to visualize the impact of the artwork in your space so you can be sure it meets your expectations.

    Your home, your style - poster with mount from artlia

    Give your home a personal touch with the elegant posters with mount from artlia. Each piece of art has been carefully selected to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also to tell an individual story. Discover the variety of our designs and bring a sophisticated art aesthetic into your living spaces with artlia's posters with mount.