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    Famous paintings & classic pictures on canvas

    Timeless masterpieces for your home

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art history with our exclusive collection of famous paintings and classic images on canvas at ARTLIA. Experience the masterpieces of some of the most important and revolutionary artists of all time right in your home. From the summer atmosphere of Van Gogh's café terrace in the evening to the majestic "Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai, be inspired by timeless works of art.

    Vincent van Gogh: Caféterrasse am Abend

    Enjoy the intense colors and lively atmosphere of Vincent van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace in the Evening". This famous painting captures the magic of a summer evening and adds artistic vibrancy to your space.

    The painting depicts a picturesque terrace in Arles, France, in the late 1880s. The yellow walls of the café, which are decorated with lively flower pots, invite you to linger. The clear starry sky and illuminated streets give the image a warm, inviting atmosphere. Bring the energy and passion of Post-Impressionism into your home with this masterpiece.

    Katsushika Hokusai: Die große Welle vor Kanagawa

    Be enchanted by Hokusai's masterpiece "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". The stunning depiction of the ocean's natural power will not only decorate your walls but also bring a wave of calm and majesty to your space.

    This iconic Japanese woodcut image is part of Hokusai's "36 Views of Fuji" series. The massive wave that rises above Mount Fuji symbolizes the impetuous power of nature and the fleeting nature of life. With this work of art you not only bring a visual masterpiece, but also a deep connection to nature and Japanese art traditions into your home.

    Gustav Klimt: The Kiss

    Immerse yourself in the world of symbolic art with Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss". This iconic painting represents the height of Klimt's "Golden Period" and is an Art Nouveau masterpiece.

    The painting depicts a pair of lovers enveloped in golden leaves and exudes a sensual and spiritual intensity. The artful use of gold and the ornamentally designed figures make “The Kiss” a visual feast for the senses. Bring the elegance of Art Nouveau and the depth of human relationships into your rooms with this work of art.

    Paul Rubens: The Three Graces

    Experience the baroque splendor of Paul Rubens' "The Three Graces". This masterpiece of Flemish art depicts the three goddesses of grace, beauty and joy amidst a lush, colorful background.

    Rubens' masterful depiction of the graces harmoniously embracing each other conveys a feeling of grace and beauty. The lush colors and dynamic composition make this painting a powerful expression of the Baroque. Bring the splendor of bygone times and the timeless beauty of mythology into your home with this work of art.

    Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa

    View the mystery of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa in your own home. This iconic portrait of a woman with a mysterious smile is not only a Renaissance masterpiece, but also one of the most famous paintings in the world.

    Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance polymath, created the Mona Lisa in the early 16th century. The painting fascinates with its subtle expressiveness and the woman's enigmatic gaze. With the Mona Lisa you are not only bringing a work of art into your home, but also a piece of Renaissance history.

    Classics of art history for your home

    In our extensive collection you will not only find Van Gogh, Hokusai, Klimt, Rubens and da Vinci, but also many other icons of art history. Explore the fascinating patterns and golden accents in Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss", the clean lines and shapes of the Bauhaus movement or the allegorical motifs of Symbolism. Immerse yourself in the world of art with canvas reprints of the most famous classic paintings.

    Minimalism of the Bauhaus movement

    If you're a fan of minimalist design, explore the works of the Bauhaus movement. Clear lines, geometric shapes and a reduced color palette characterize these timeless designs, which also enrich your home with modern elegance.

    The Bauhaus movement, a German art school active from 1919 to 1933, revolutionized design and continues to influence modern aesthetics today. Artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Josef Albers created works based on functionality and clear design. Bring a touch of Bauhaus style into your home with canvas reprints of these minimalist masterpieces.

    Colorful symbolism

    Are you looking for deep meaning and emotional expression? Discover the colorful works of Symbolism, an era that celebrated artistic freedom and the expression of emotion. Be inspired by the vibrant colors and allegorical motifs of this art movement.

    Symbolism, an art historical period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, emphasized the emotional and spiritual meaning of art. Artists such as Gustav Klimt and Odilon Redon created works that contained profound symbols and dream-like elements. Bring a poetic and spiritual touch to your home with canvas reprints from the Symbolist era.

    Art for your home

    With our high-quality canvas reprints, you can bring the timeless beauty and artistic richness of these masterpieces into your home. Add a touch of art history to your walls and immerse yourself in the emotions and stories behind the world's most famous paintings.

    Sustainable art for modern times

    At ARTLIA we not only value aesthetics, but also sustainability. Many of our canvas prints are made from eco-friendly materials to ensure that you can not only bring art into your home, but also help protect our environment.

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